How to Fake a Fever: Easy Methods to Follow

Have you ever think: about how to fake a fever?

Children, teens, and even young adults frequently think about this. But it’s not that easy to fake a fever. Your parents, if they’re smart, will immediately see that this is all a performance. What options do we then have?

In this article, we’ll talk about how to incite a fever in oneself. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Cause of Fever

The flu, a sore throat, a cold, and other ailments can all be brought on by a bacterial or viral infection. The rise in body temperature when your body responds to these symptoms is called a fever. People typically have a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). When your body temperature goes over this, you have a fever. A fever may hurt, but it usually doesn’t mean anything to worry about unless it reaches 39.4 °C (102.92 °F) or higher.

Which fever symptoms are you able to fake?

Many symptoms of a fever can be impersonated. Among the signs and symptoms are

Declaring That You’re Not Hot, But Cold

A fever is defined as a body temperature that is higher than usual. When a fever occurs, the brain’s hypothalamus modifies the body’s natural temperature, frequently resulting in chills. This results from the body’s perception of colder than the new set point. Even when your real body temperature is raised, claiming to feel chilly might be persuasive since it is consistent with the body’s normal reaction to a fever.

Acting Like You’re Tired

The majority of viral diseases and fever frequently cause fatigue as a symptom. Your body expends energy resources more quickly when combating an illness, which makes you feel weak and exhausted. As the body naturally tries to preserve energy to fend off the sickness, pretending to be weary might simulate this element of being ill.

Pretending That You Don’t Have an Appetite

Another symptom frequently connected to fever and sickness is loss of appetite. The body may become less interested in digesting food as it concentrates on combating the virus, which might lower appetite. Furthermore, the body’s normal reaction to illness includes the suppression of hunger by certain cytokines, which are immune response-related chemicals.

Cough, Sneeze, or Sniffle to Imitate a Cold

These are typical signs of a cold rather than a fever, although they frequently coexist with fever when a respiratory infection is the underlying cause. Sniffling, sneezing, and coughing may indicate the presence of a cold or flu, both of which may cause a fever. But the respiratory system’s reaction to the virus is more closely linked to these symptoms.

Why Would Someone Want to Fake A Fever?

It’s a fair issue to ask why someone with a clear conscience would want to fabricate a fever. The simple answer is that people just pretend to have a fever to gain a day off.

However, it may occur to you that since they did receive sick leave, their request for a day off seems reasonable. That’s a valid point, however, occasionally the manager and team lead might act in an unfair manner and won’t let anyone take time off for illness or other reasons.

Employees are therefore forced to consider the idea of faking a fever. Another explanation may be that we avoid social events, get-togethers with friends, and anything else by claiming to be ill and prefer to spend time alone. The aforementioned are obvious motives for someone to consider staging a fever or being sick alone.

8 Ways To Fake a Fever

You must be thinking of all the ways you can fake a fever by now, so let’s get started and discover them all.

Use Of Onions

Onions are the first and easiest thing to poison oneself with. When it comes to creating the illusion of a fever, onions are without a doubt the preferred option.

One food that is widely recognized for raising body temperature is onion. It is therefore one of the better options for creating the illusion of a fever.

All you need for this is an onion. The procedure is as simple as pie.

  • Peel and chop the onion into four pieces to ensure this approach functions flawlessly.
  • The slice should then be placed under your armpit for at least three to four hours. This method works best while you’re getting ready for bed at night. 
  • You may apply some advice, such as covering your body with a blanket or comforter, to achieve the greatest effects.
  • Eliminating any trace of the evidence before your parents’ awakening is another vital step. Try sipping on some hot water as well to keep your tongue warm.

Use of Garlic

Garlic is the second way that fevers are caused. This technique is also incredibly simple to use and fashionable among people.

All you need for this approach is some minced garlic or cloves. If you use minced garlic, a spoonful will do; however, if you use raw garlic, you must chop it in half vertically.

The following procedure involves applying minced garlic or garlic beneath the pits for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours. Applying garlic at night will cause your body to warm up when you wake up, just like the onion approach does.

Using a blanket can help ensure that the fever is absorbed by the body during the night.

That being said, in no situation does this advice go too far. You must use caution while using such tactics, and you try them at your own risk. They can get worse.


The third method is to make yourself throw up. Therefore, you are mistaken if you believe only having a high temperature would be enough to fake a fever.

The temperature can drop at any time, but consider the possibility that no one will challenge your actions if you experience other symptoms, such as vomiting.

There are other methods for producing vomit, such as placing your fingers in your mouth or using salt water. When doing this trick, you must open your bathroom door since no one will believe you if they haven’t witnessed you throw up.

But it’s important to keep in mind that forcing oneself to throw up might have negative effects including bloating, tooth decay, and sore throats.

vomit to fake fever

Rubber Method

We’ll address using an infrared thermometer to simulate a fever in another method on our list.

The thermometer rubbing technique is another name for this method. A digital thermometer is used throughout the procedure.

Considering that it doesn’t involve your body, this is among the safest approaches.

All you need is a thermometer and a method to change its temperature.

However, the question here is how to do so, and the answer is rather straightforward: just rub the thermometer in and out of your garments.

The thermometer must then be turned on to take your body temperature, which will precisely indicate 101 degrees.

It has been demonstrated that continuously rubbing the thermometer on a fabric raises its temperature.

Warm Water

Furthermore, this method should be your first choice if you’re trying to figure out how to raise a fever in real life in less than ten minutes. You will need hot water and a thermometer for this procedure.

In this case, using a cup filled with hot water is required. The thermometer’s tip has to be dipped in hot water as the following step.

All that’s left to do is take your body temperature after that. Although the intended result will be displayed, taking a temperature as soon as possible is essential because the reading may drop at any time.

Additionally, remember not to lose your cool when dipping the thermometer tip—doing so might lead to inaccurate readings.

It’s preferable to leave the tip for three or four minutes simply.


Perhaps you’ve heard of this method already. It is one of the simplest techniques to use and doesn’t require any complex steps.

Two or three blankets will do, however you may use more if it’s more convenient.

All you have to do to raise your body temperature is to cover as much of your body with blankets at night to induce perspiration.

Furthermore, even if you feel warm, it is appropriate to avoid using a fan at all.

Try not to suffocate yourself, though. Apart from this, you must remove all the additional blankets first thing in the morning to avoid being discovered.

Spicy Food

In addition, you may attempt to raise your body temperature naturally by consuming hot foods like peppers, jalapenos, and green chilies.

This meal raises body temperature instantaneously, however, it’s best not to eat too much of it as it might make you quite uncomfortable.

Consider drinking cold water or milk if you have problems employing this strategy.

Work out

You may find this strange, but it is true that you may simulate a fever after working out.

After working out, you only need to curl up beneath a blanket. This method will raise your body temperature and provide the appearance of flushed skin.

How to Fake a Fever with an Infrared Thermometer?

Want to know How to Fake a Fever with an Infrared Thermometer? lets start with Some following steps.

Warm It Up

The goal is to increase the forehead’s temperature artificially, often the region an infrared thermometer scans. Before taking a temperature, this might be achieved by temporarily placing a warm compress or a heating pad on the forehead. However, this approach may be easily identified since the heat is localized and does not reflect a rise in core body temperature.

Watch the Rise

When utilizing a warm compress or heating pad, keeping an eye on the temperature increase is critical. Reaching a temperature that resembles a moderate fever would be the aim (typically about 100°F to 102°F or 37.8°C to 38.9°C). If the reading exceeds this range, it may seem improbable and cause suspicion.

All Set to Perform

This entails acting like you have additional feverish symptoms, such as chills, headaches, or weakness. This might give the deception an additional degree of plausibility. But this calls for acting abilities and may not match the true bodily state, which watchful others might be able to pick up on.

Sell the Illness

Selling the sickness may entail making up a tale about how ill one has been and detailing ailments like body pains, exhaustion, or appetite loss that are frequently experienced in conjunction with fever. This narrative can support the argument that one is feeling ill, but it also has to be consistent and is readily refuted by actions or remarks made in the past.

Steer clear of detection

This means exercising caution so as not to be caught warming the forehead or acting in a way that is inconsistent with the symptoms that are being reported. It also entails being conscious of the deception’s limits, such as the inability to purport to have a true fever or other physiological symptoms that a medical practitioner would be looking for.

How to get a Fever to Skip School

Kids use it as an excuse to avoid school. They employ this strategy to avoid having to do their homework when an important exam or deadline approaches. Most kids think that having a fever is the only good justification parents can come up with to take the day off.

They may receive a lecture and still be sent to school if they try to be truthful with their parents. But they can play the empathetic card by pretending to have a fever.

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start to exhibit a few mild signs the previous evening. Tell your parents that you don’t feel well the previous evening if you intend to stay home the following day.

  • Don’t notify them too early the day before since, similar to stomachaches, certain diseases tend to fade away overnight. Try to wait until after supper or 6:30 p.m. to begin experiencing symptoms.
  • Recreate the symptoms if you have already been ill with a virus or bug, making it appear less like you are lying. But keep in mind that one cannot contract the same virus again! Recreate the symptoms of someone you saw who had a cold or another disease to make it appear like you got it from them.
  • Apply a cheek pigment or blush. Use a bright pink blush or cheek stain on your nose and cheeks to give the impression that your face is flushed if you intend to fake a fever or severe cold.

What To Do If You Got Caught?

Accept that you are faking a fever : In case if you are heating a thermometer in order to fake a fever and your parents catches you then accept the mistake and admit you are faking a fever though you try to deny it and continue to act having fever but you have already caught and it will cause a trouble for you.

Explain why you’re faking sick : Your parents get angry and upset when they caught you doing such stuff to stay at home and avoid school so try to be honest with them and give them the reason why you don’t want to go to school avoid making more lies. Share your feelings to your parents and don’t make more excuses.

Apologize for lying : As you come clean and accept the mistake then apologize for trying to make a fever and fool them. Convince them you are guilty that you did wrong and agree to be honest in future Also try to understand it will be difficult to your parents to trust you again as you already get caught of lying.

How to fake a fever forehead scan?

Apply a heating pad or a bottle of hot water. The water bottle technique is a tried-and-true method for making up a fever. Press it up to your forehead for a few minutes to make the bottle seem warmer. Alternatively, you may apply a cold compress to your forehead, but shield your skin by pushing something, like a towel, against your face and squeezing it. It wouldn’t be ideal to burn oneself. This is how a fever is fictitious. 

Someone touching your forehead to check for a fever will feel heated and assume you have one.

How did I get a fever so fast?

A fever can be brought on by almost any illness, including meningitis, appendicitis, skin infections, cellulitis, and bone infections (osteomyelitis). respiratory infections, including ear, sinus, and ear infections; colds and flu-like symptoms; sore throats; mononucleosis; bronchitis; pneumonia; and TB.

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How to Fake a Fever with a Laser Thermometer?

To measure the temperature of your forehead, run some HOT water over a washcloth and lay it over your forehead for a minute. The 116–118-degree hot water will cause heat to be transferred to your forehead. Your head acts as a bigger heatsink than the washcloth, therefore the temperature will only go up by a few degrees!

How to Fake a Stomach Flu?

Eating bacon and eggs while attempting to pretend you have a stomachache will not support your claim. Alternatively, you may claim your stomach aches and don’t want to eat.

How do you get a false high temperature?

One may feel feverish but not have a fever for several reasons. Your sensitivity to heat may be exacerbated by some underlying medical disorders, and it may also be caused by certain drugs you use. Some reasons, like working out in the heat, could only last a short while.

Last words: how to fake a fever?

That’s it! It’s all clear to you now how to fabricate a fever. It is neither prudent nor advised to fake a fever. It’s better to be upfront with your parents or other close friends if you need a vacation from school or other obligations. Engaging in such things would only cause your parents stress.

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