Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth

What is a blood blister?

A sudden blood blister in mouth refers to a blood-filled elevated spot where the thin layer of skin holds the blood below. It may form in more than one different place. Blood blisters are not harmful if they occur rarely.

However, the frequent formation of blood blisters is something to consider seriously. If this happens, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Sudden blood blister in mouth

Blood blisters may also form in the oral cavity, which feels uncomfortable and awkward with mild pain and itching. Their formation in the mouth may result from some injuries that damage the oral tissues. These blisters burst in a few days and heal on their own.

An uncommon oral disorder ABH (Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagic), can also form sudden blood blisters in the mouth.

What is Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagic (ABH)?

Angina bullosa hemorrhagic is an oral disorder accompanied by the development of sudden blood blister in the mouth. The formation of blood-filled blebs in the oral cavity is quite painful. This disease is more common in men and women over 45 years older.

ABH-affected people find it difficult to chew a relatively complex food because the blood blisters get hurt and introduce pain in the oral cavity. Therefore, doctors suggest that they take soft food until the blisters heal completely.

According to a medical study, six patients affected with the ABH oral disease were admitted to Pronto Socorro, a hospital in Brazil. All six patients were said to attain injuries while eating that caused the development of blood blisters in the mouth. Some ate hard and crunchy food, while others developed these blisters after having conventional wine and non-crunchy cookies.

The blisters appeared in different places in the oral cavity, including the tongue and soft palate. Doctors prescribed an Amoxicillin 500 mg capsule to patients with blisters on the soft palate for one week.

Minor Causes of Sudden Blood Blisters in the Mouth

The reasons behind the bruises and wounds that lead to developing the sudden blood blister in mouth include;

  1. Unintentional biting of the inner cheek or tongue surface while eating.
  2. Munching the crunchy snacks and other sharp food in an uncontrolled way.
  3. Swallowing extreme hot food can also damage the oral tissues and form blood blisters.
  4. Allergy in the mouth lining after taking antibiotics and other medicines.

Let the blood blister heal itself. Do not pop a blister yourself because it can induce more pain and bacterial infection on the spot.

Major Causes of Blood Blisters in Oral Cavity

There are also some significant causes that result in the appearance of sudden blood blister in mouth. All of those major causes can be life-threatening and fatal if left unchecked. Therefore, we must go to the doctor and get the appropriate treatment for these significant causes of blood blister formation.

1.    Maximum intake of steroids.

Some ill-minded bodybuilders take steroids uncontrollably in a thirst for gaining muscles mass. They ignore the deadly side effects of steroids, including high infection risks and increased blood sugar levels.

These artificial steroids are more likely to cause Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagic disease, which eventually causes blood blisters in the mouth.

2.    Thrombocytopenia

 Thrombocytopenia is an abnormal medical condition in which the amount of platelets count in the blood reduces. When the blood platelets level decreases, it causes blood drainage from the gums and forms sudden blood blisters in the oral cavity.

3.    Kidney Failure

A Chronic Renal Disease can also cause oral infection and the development of blood blisters in the mouth cavity. The last stage of kidney disease is more likely to cause an oral lesion in the patients.

In a medical survey of 90 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients, a majority of 86 patients were found to have developed sudden blood blisters in the mouth.

4.    Alcohol consumption

More alcohol consumption is harmful to health and can pose a severe threat to one’s life. Alcohol intake results in reducing blood platelets level in the human body.

Ultimately, the low platelets cause blood blisters, with spontaneous blood flowing from the gums in the mouth.

5.    Oral Cancer

Mouth cancer can also be a reason behind the appearance of blood blisters in the mouth. If you observe an oral blood blister or blood patches that are not healing for a long time, you should quickly get it examined by the doctor.

Long-term blood blisters are one of the symptoms of mouth cancer.

What type of blood blisters require to get examined by the doctor?

Normal blood blisters are usually small ranging from 1 to 3 centimeters. When we observe a large-sized blood blister in the oral cavity, we should promptly rush to the hospital. These sizeable blisters can also choke a person if they occur on the soft palate.

If the blood blisters frequently occur in the mouth and do not heal themselves, we should seek a doctor’s help.