Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth

Why I’m having Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth?

You might get a mouth sore if you bite your cheek while eating by mistake. There’s no need to panic if you bite your cheek and develop a sore; learn how to treat them effectively by reading this blog. This article will examine the nature of blisters, their symptoms, and possible associations with Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth.

What are blisters?

Tiny fluid-filled pockets called blisters appear beneath the skin, usually due to an injury. Most blisters appear underneath the skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis. A blood blister develops when blood vessels are damaged, which fills with blood rather than a clear liquid. Most of the blood blisters have a friction blister appearance. The blister has a deep red or occasionally purplish appearance.

Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth


What are the symptoms?

Inside the mouth, a blood blister might resemble a dark red lump or bubble. Most patients report having pain, itching, and difficulty speaking, eating, or drinking. These blisters are typically visible; you can feel them with your tongue.

The majority of people only ever get one blood blister at a time. Though they can appear anywhere in the mouth, blood blisters usually start on delicate areas like the cheeks, tongue, or bottom of the lips.

What are the causes of Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth?

Several factors might contribute to the formation of an oral blood blister. This can range from responses to underlying medical issues to oral injuries like biting your cheek.


The inside area of the mouth down near the teeth get irritated by allergies and blisters. The foaming of blood blister occurs when the blood vessel in the mouth get leak or inflame. The main cause of blood vessel creation is sometimes the toothpaste we are using or some mouthwash that have a kind of reacting acid and astringents.

Kidney failure

While kidney failure is not a direct cause of Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth, it can contribute to systemic conditions that may indirectly impact oral health. Kidney failure have many effects on our immune system in fact many people face infections in mouth or other oral diseases like blood blisters.

Additionally, Kidney failure make your mouth a bit dry and even you are going to treat it increase mucosal dryness and irritation resulting in blood blister formation.

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Some Blood blisters can be cause suddenly like cheek biting or tong bit in teeth or many other reasons like fitted dental work or accessories. This trauma cause injuries in the mouth or in the area near cheeks which may lead to blood blisters.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer can be one of the reason of blood blisters as its one of the indication of oral cancer.

The other signs of oral cancer includes sores, lumps, dry patches in different areas of mouth, swelling in upper and lower jaws, changing in the voice with discomfort and lastly weight loss so its advised to visit doctor before it get more serious and painful.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol in a excessive amount can also be the reason of creation of sudden blood blisters in the mouth. The disadvantage of drinking alcohol includes dehydration and weakness in immune system. It can also damage the oral tissues and develop injuries. The dehydration occur due to alcohol create dryness in the mouth and it result in blood blister creation.

Additionally, impaired blood clotting and the combined effects of smoking further elevate the risk. Neglecting oral hygiene practices under the influence of alcohol exacerbates these issues. Maintaining moderation in alcohol consumption and prioritizing oral hygiene are vital components in preventing such complications and promoting overall oral health.

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Angina bullosa haemorrhagica

An uncommon condition known as angina bullosa hemorrhagica causes painful, bloody sores to develop inside the mouth on their own. These blisters are very painful as well as irritating and sometimes occur without any specific reason, the fact about this type of blisters is its healing process is very fast and don’t even leave scars.


Thrombocytopenia is caused by severe medical condition or a serious disease. When you have thrombocytopenia, even slight trauma to underlying blood vessels may lead them to leak blood, developing a blood blister in the mouth.

Best Treatment for blister

Here are some treatments you may try for your blood blister if you can’t see your dentist right away:

Apply ice

The swelling of the oral blister can be significantly reduced by applying ice straight to it. Apply ice to your mouth after the trauma to help stop blood blisters from forming. If the blood pimple has already developed, use ice on the affected region to soothe it. Hold it for five to ten minutes, then repeat twice to three times daily, as needed. Furthermore, if bleeding occurs, it can be reduced with little pressure.

Cucumber slices

Cucumber removes oral lesions and aids in tissue recovery. Apply a slice of cucumber to the blister several times a day until it cures.

Chamomile tea

Rich in calming properties, chamomile helps treat mouth blisters. It serves as both a delight and a remedy. Enjoy a cup 1-2 times daily and watch your blister improve.


Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, turmeric relieves pain and swelling and effectively treats oral blisters. Avoid applying the plant or powder directly. Apply a paste like honey and turmeric to the affected region first, then massage it.

How to prevent Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth?

Although you cannot avoid the possibility of developing an oral blood blister, there are things you may do to lessen your chances.

You can take the following actions to help heal a blood blister in the mouth and stop it from happening again:

  •  Avoid foods that are spicy or salty as they may aggravate the blister
  • Take off your dentures until the sore heals
  • See your dentist if you think braces or dentures are the cause
  • Don’t pop the blister as this may slow healing and increase the risk of infection.
  •  Eat only cold, soft meals until the blister heals.
  • Use painkillers to decrease discomfort.

What type of blood blisters require to get examined by the doctor?

When you are having the a severe blood blisters in the mouth, for example : Pain, muscle swelling, mouth pain or any other symptoms, You should go immediately to the oral or dental specialist.

Additionally some blood blisters are less harmful they occur and disappear on their own in some days without any medications.

Duration: The duration of blood blister is around 3 to 5 days without any severe pain but if its a blood blister and didn’t heal in some days and creation a lot of pain then you should consult a dentist as its something serious.

Pain or Discomfort: Blisters can cause some amount of pain in the mouth or the area where they are formed but blood blisters are quite paint and cause discomfort in the mouth so it require a proper medication like blister gel, medicine or even pain killers.

Changes in Size or Color: If you notice the increase in size of blood blister or the changing of color in it you should go for a immediate checkup by doctor because rapid growth of blisters lead to severe condition

Association with Other Symptoms: A normal blister is less painful and don’t even have blood in it, they just come and go in a short period of time without any medication and doctor checkups but if you are Association with Other Symptoms like blood in blisters, taste change, gums swelling you should go to the doctor.

Systemic Symptoms: If you are having a blood blister and there is a unexplained weight loss occur then its an indication you need a proper medical attention.

Regular dental check-ups are essential for the early detection of oral health issues, including blood blisters, and for timely intervention when needed.

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Are blood blisters in the mouth cancerous?

As we all know not all the blood blister in the mouth indicates you have a mouth cancer but it will be good if you don’t take it lightly and go for a careful evaluation by a dentist or oral specialist.

Additionally many blood blisters can be occur by small injurious in the mouth or sometimes immune system issues. This type of blister leaves in just some days.

Factors such as persistent blood blisters, changes in size or appearance, and other concerning symptoms should prompt individuals to seek prompt medical attention.

Sudden Blood Blister in Mouth


Why did I get a blood blister out of nowhere?

The sudden appearance of a blood blister in the mouth may be attributed to various factors. Common causes include accidental biting of the inner cheek, trauma during dental procedures, or minor injuries that may go unnoticed. Additionally, irritations from hot foods, aggressive tooth brushing, or certain dental products can contribute to blood blister formation.

However, if blood blisters appear spontaneously, persist, or are accompanied by other concerning symptoms, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional. Underlying issues, ranging from allergies and systemic conditions to oral infections or, in rare cases, oral cancer, could be contributing factors. A timely professional assessment can help identify the cause and determine appropriate measures for managing and preventing further occurrences.


A sudden blood blister in the mouth can form for several causes and go away in a week or two. Most are harmless, but you may use home treatments like ice cubes, cucumber slices, or turmeric paste to help them go away more quickly. At other times, kidney failure or reduced platelet levels may trigger blood blisters in the mouth, and you’ll need to see a physician.

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